Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finding the balance and being deprived

I had a friend who had a wristband on that was suppose to help with his balance.  It was in that moment that I thought, "Man, I wish there was a wristband to help with my balance!"  The balance that I am referring to is with work, family, friends and just my personal time.  All I can say is that it is a working progress.  I think that with both Erica and I working now we have been forced to have more of a schedule in our daily lives.  This means I need to figure out where all the things that I am trying to balance fit into this schedule.  Parenting is a fun adventure!!

Elaina is doing something new all the time.  Lately, she has been reaching her hand out for whatever you have in your hand.  I really mean EVERYTHING.  Erica had a glass of wine in her hand and Elaina decided that she wanted it too.  Elaina did not like being told no.

For the past two weeks, Elaina has not been sleeping well.  After many phone calls with the doctor we have doubled her reflux medicine which seems to be working.  I have learned a great lesson in all of this...Never tell people that your child sleeps through the night.  The moment you say things like that it will backfire.

Can't wait to see what Elana has in store for us this week.